What are Psilocybin mushrooms?

Psilocybin mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe, and commonly known as "magic mushrooms" or "shrooms"

 are fungi that synthesize a number of psychoactive compounds, the most prominent of which is psilocybin. The natural habitats in which they can be found are spread across the globe, and their use by humans stretches back farther than civilization itself.


Presently psilocybin is used mainly as a recreational entheogen, with effects including euphoria, altered thought process, altered sense of time, sensory enhancement & synesthesia, visual hallucination, spiritual divinatory, or mystical feelings, and even out of body experiences. 

The primary neurological changes elicited by psilocybin are; the stimulation neurogenesis (creation of new brain cells), facilitation of a hyperconnected brain state (theorized to be responsible for the profound insights many study subjects report), and dampening of the Default Mode Network (theorized to be associated with the ego, depression, anxiety, and PTSD).

Mushroom Anatomy

Cap - contains on average 15% higher psilocybin concentration

Blue Bruising - an indication of high psilocybin content

Gills - where spores are held and released in maturity

Stem - where the mushroom connects to its mycelial network

Mushroom Dosage

Psilocybin mushrooms are consistently rated by the Global Drug Survey (a yearly survey of over 100,000) to be one of the safest, and also one of the best value-for-money mind-altering substances.

That said, the potential for a negative experience does exist and is amplified the larger your dose. We recommend starting with 1.5 grams of dried mushroom for every 100 pounds of body weight (1g/100lbs for Penis Envy varieties).

There are also several other factors which play a significant role in a mushroom experience, like mindset, environment, auditory stimulation, and even your expectations! Its best to be as comfortable as possible. This means having knowledge of psilocybin's potential effects, being in a familiar environment, and not having any obligations for 6-8 hours. 

To answer any further questions you may have about mushrooms in a concise manner we have split information into three categories.

psilocybin brain networks
equador magic mushrooms

Visit the Macro Info page for more on what a "mushroom trip" is like, and several studies showing psilocybin's safety and efficacy in treating a host of psychological conditions.


Visit the Preparation page for more on how to best prepare in order to maximize both the acute effects and long term benefits of a psilocybin experience.

Visit the Micro Info page for more on the popular practice of taking small amounts of mushroom to gain the neurologic benefits of psilocybin, below the threshold of intoxication. 

Interested in home-cultivation?

The process of small-scale cultivation is neither time consuming nor prohibitively expensive, however special care and attention must be paid to the sterility of the environment in which you cultivate in.


We offer both Spore Prints & Spore syringes, and have created video tutorials to guide you step-by-step through the cultivation process.    

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