Explore the benefits of Psilocybin

At Champignons Magique we are dedicated to offering all Canadians a safe source to purchase high quality psilocybin products, and guiding our customers throughout their experience.


We grow all of our mushrooms in 100% organic and locally sourced substrates, in a sterile laboratory setting.

We have engineered an ideal fungi growing environment - a sealed, HEPA filtered space

in which we take measures to recreate the most realistic natural setting.


These measures include infusing the ambient air with natural scents and simulating sunrise, sunset, rainfall and wind. We also provide the mushrooms auditory stimulation as it has been proven to aid in the development and health of plants and fungi.

Consistent with our mission to offer only high quality products, we have implemented meticulous protocols for substrate sterilization, mold prevention, and quality control. We take the utmost care to provide mushrooms of exceptional quality, however many factors play a role in your psilocybin experience, like set, setting and intent.


If you are a beginner or are significantly increasing dosage make sure you are in a safe, comfortable, and familiar setting, and have sound knowledge on psilocybin's potential effects. Visit the preparation page to learn more.

Below are a collection of resources that provide in-depth information on the topics of micro-dosing, macro-dosing, and preparing for your experience.

psilocybin brain networks
equador magic mushrooms

Interested in home-cultivation?

Check out our video series "How to Cultivate Mushrooms" which details our process, and gives concise instruction on how you can begin cultivating mushrooms on your own! 

*some specialty equipment (such as a pressure sterilizer, heat sealer, and flow hood/air cleaner) is required to mitigate contamination*

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