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Ecuador Spore Syringe


Mushroom cultivation is an exeptionally rewarding process, although not for the faint of heart! Begin cultivating your own mushrooms with our Ecuador Cubensis spores. Also check out our "how to cultivate mushrooms" video series for detailed instructions.


*specialty equipment such as a pressure sterilizer, heat sealer, and flow hood are highly recommended to mitigate contamination during the cultivation process*

The Ecuador Strain was first cataloged by mycologists in the mountainous highlands of Equador, and has been used by native peoples in the region for millenia. 


Equador is consistently well reviewed on multiple forums (notably Erowid and Shroomery) These reviews report a strong onset of the effects, mental clarity, mental and physical relaxation, and often spiritual or mystical feelings of connectedness and unity.


Their physical characteristics typically include thick, hardy stems, and large light brown/tan caps.

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