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Huaulta Spore Print


Mushroom cultivation is an exeptionally rewarding process, although not for the faint of heart! Begin cultivating your own mushrooms with our Huaulta Cubensis spores. Also check out our "how to cultivate mushrooms" video series for detailed instructions.


*specialty equipment such as a pressure sterilizer, heat sealer, and flow hood are highly recommended to mitigate contamination during the cultivation process*

Arguably the oldest scientifically classified Psilocybe cubensis, named for the village of Huaulta de Jimenez in the Oxcana state of Mexico. Huaulta, along with Mazatepec strains are credited with introducing psilocybin to the modern western world.


They often induce a spiritial experience along with feelings of deep connection to others and your surroundings, and a sense of profound calm peace and unity, somewhat comparable to an enhanced meditative state.


Physical charasteristics are similar to mazatepec, as both are found in similar regions, medium sized mushrooms with thinner stalks slightly darker caps.

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