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Despite its name the PES Hawaiian strain did not actually orginate in Hawaii, as no psilocybe cubensis mushrooms grow naturally there. The name is derived from the hawaiiain based company (Pacific Exotica Spora) which was the first to offer spores of this strain.



It is a well-reviewed strain with moderate potency. It often elicits visual stimulation, feelings of euphoria, love, and unity, however notably less deep introspection or philosophical ideation. This makes it a great "social" strain to enjoy with friends and great for beginners, however slightly less well-suited to therapeutic use.

PES Hawaiian Dried Mushroom

  • The experience elicited by consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms can vary based on several factors, like individual brain chemistry, body size, and even your expectations!

    Our philosophy, which is substantiated by many experts, is to start with a small-medium dose (1-2G) and gradually increase as you become more familiar with the experience.

    We recommend starting with 1.25 - 1.5 grams per 100lbs body weight.

    We also encourage all psychedelic users to check out our preparation page for information on how you can maximize the acute effects and long term benefits of a psilocybin experience, while mitigating the risk of a negative experience.

    Also consider listening to this playlist put together by scientists at Johns Hopkins University, which has been studied and proven to reliably elicit meaningful and transformative experiences.

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