Psilocybin Shroom Teas

How to brew a Shroom tea

The practice of brewing psilocybin mushrooms into a mind-altering and euphoria inducing tea has existed for millennia. Ancient civilizations across the world such as the Greeks, Indians, Egyptians, and several Meso-American cultures all undoubtedly consumed psychedelic mushrooms, most likely in tea format. The process to brew your own Psilocybin mushroom tea is neither time-consuming nor difficult.


You will need a kettle, cup, water, and one of our Spirituali-Tea blends.


Boil water in a kettle/pot

Weigh the desired amount of Tea Blend

Place weighed blend in the provided teabag

Steep teabag in water for 15-20 minutes


After the tea has steeped stir it well (if you do not the psilocybin will concentrate at the bottom of the kettle), pour into your favourite mug, and enjoy!


We blend dried Golden Emperor mushrooms with high quality Murchies tea at our thoroughly tested 1:5 mushroom:tea ratio. This ensures the optimal taste and the optimal mushroom experience.


When weighing out the Tea Blend keep in mind the 1:5 mushroom:tea ratio. If you desire an experience similar to 2g of mushrooms, then simply multiply that number by 5 (1:5 ratio) and weigh out the calculated weight of tea.


For quick reference 10g  is about 2 heaping tablespoons (for Lemon Ginger, Vanilla Bergamot, and Sugar Maple)

10g of Peppermint is 3 heaping tablespoons (the tea base used in this blend weighs less)

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